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The place and conditions in which you present have an important influence on how well your message is received. If the environment isn’t right, participants might not pay attention and worse - will become irritated. When the audience is irritated they always blame the speaker.

To do a truly great job, it is important that you are familiar with your presentation room in advance. 

  • Where will it be? 
  • Will you be in a board room at head office or a district branch? 
  • At a hotel, a college, or a conference centre? 
  • What facilities will be available?
  • Where are the bathrooms?
  • What parking challenges will people face?

Make every effort to visit the location so that you can determine what adjustments are necessary. Give yourself enough lead time for special arrangements as to seating, equipment, microphones, lighting, and whatever you want to change.

The presentation environment can make or break your presentation. It means that you must pay attention to the little details that influence the thinking and feelings of your audience.

I recall attending a workshop at university. The way to the presentation room was well and consistently marked with signs and directions. I wouldn't have found the room without the directions. By the time I entered the room I was already impressed with the presenter.

What a great way to influence your audience before you even speak.

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