Are you an aspiring, new or mid-career speaker who wants to build a successful and sustainable business?

Professional speaking school is in
Building a thriving speaking business requires three things:
  1. Expertise in a specific field (along with a strong desire to help others);
  2. Professional speaking skills, so you can conduct keynotes, workshops, teleclasses, webinars, group coaching and other programs effectively;
  3. Business-building strategies for landing clients and making money.
Chances are, you’ve got number one covered. But if you’re struggling with number two or three, Pro-Track Speaker Academy will help.

Master the business of professional speaking

Maybe you’ve been speaking for a few years and want more return on your efforts. Maybe you’ve had a few gigs, but aren’t sure how to make this ‘speaking thing’ really work. Or maybe you want to be a professional speaker, but don’t know where to start.

Pro-Track Speaker Academy is a year-long program that gives you the strategies and skills you need to build a successful speaking business. Over 4 weekend BootCamps, you’ll develop the expert presentation and platform skills you need to get – and stay – in demand as a speaker, and you’ll get the tools you need to make your speaking business both busy and profitable.

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If you want to be a successful professional speaker and you are in the Toronto area, then this is the best offer you'll ever get. Just imagine over a dozen established professional speakers giving you the best advise and lessons from the trenches.

I built my professional speaking buisness over many years by investing thousands of dollars and learning many lessons the hard way. The Pro-Track program will give you an unfair advantage over the tough competitiion. Yes, the business looks easy to many outsiders - but it's tough and many fail and fade away. If you want to stack the odds in your favour - check out the Pro-Track program run by CAPS Toronto.

If you have any doubts ask to speak to past participants.
Tell them George sent you. Yes, I'm an instructor in the program and no, I don't get paid. It's part of my community service as a long time member of CAPS.

PS: Hurry because class starts in a couple weeks and they only have a few spots open.

Here's the link for you - Pro-Track

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