Who are the better presenters? Extraverts or Introverts

Tortise & hare - extraverts vs introverts
When you look at your friends you probably can easily indentify those who are clearly extraverts and those who are clearly introverts. There might be a group about which you are not sure. The most likely reason might be that they are of one color but have learned to adapt their communication style to the other side when required.

I’m biased. I’m an introvert. That means that I see the world better from the perspective of introverts. However, I’ve learned how to express myself both in writing and in a presentation. People in my audience might not believe that I’m an introvert.

Ask an extravert “Tell me about yourself” and he immediately starts talking. “I was born in a log cabin…” When he’s done, he believes that he answered the question better than anyone else. Naturally, the extravert doesn’t ask, “Did I answer your question?”

Ask an introvert, “Tell me about yourself” and she will likely ask you a few questions before and after she replies.

There are exceptions. Sometimes an introvert is so passionate about her topic that she transforms herself into an extravert for that conversation.

Extraverts seem to find it very difficult to transform themselves into an introvert.

Who makes a better presenter? Introverts or extraverts?

Extraverts can be attention grabbing and entertaining. Introverts can learn to do that and more importantly, introverts listen to the audience better.

What could be more important than that?

In my opinion as an introvert – extraverts get out of the starting blocks quicker, but introverts can overtake them. Consider it the race between the tortoise and the hare.

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