Speak Like a Winner - book review

Speak like a Winner book review

How to Be Twice the Speaker in Half the Time

By Akash Karia

This book about public speaking was a fresh approach to a topic that has been written about and spoken about by many. The book was an enjoyable and easy read that took less than two hours to digest. Don’t let those characteristics fool you. I was pleased at the number of powerful public speaking techniques that were thoughtfully covered and memorably reinforced.

The author, Akash Karia, thoughtfully analyzed four speeches from the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. Three of the four were winners of the final round of the World Championship.

Toastmasters is an international non-profit organization that helps people become better public speakers.

I’ve read many books about public speaking that simply repeat the same tired ideas and sometimes outdated lessons. Akash promised in his introduction that this book would not waste time on fluff. I believe that he kept his promise. The book covered many powerful presentation techniques that took me years to learn. These are techniques that I teach my coaching and training clients.

The author introduces each public speaker, provides a speech excerpt, a link to a video of the speech, a few thought provoking questions for the reader and insights from the author.

This style of teaching seems to be engaging, entertaining and enduring.

This book is ideal for Toastmasters who hope to participate in the Toastmasters Annual Speech contests. They will see a comprehensive approach to public speaking success. They will also enjoy the excitement of the World Championship Speech Contest.

The winners of the Toastmasters World Championship tend to deliver inspirational and entertaining speeches. These speeches are only seven minutes in length. So this isn’t about delivering a training workshop or technical report. These speeches tend to be about one key message delivered in an entertaining way.

However, most presenters can learn effective presentation techniques from this book. A leadership speech must be engaging and inspirational. A sales presentation must persuade people to act. Even a technical presentation must build rapport, illustrate points and reassure the audience. The author points out that some techniques in these examples might appear exaggerated because of the size of the audience and setting. Individual presenters can certainly adapt a technique to fit their audience.

Although each presenter demonstrated similar techniques, they also flourished because of different individual strengths. The point is that you can learn from others and must thrive on your own unique strengths.

The four public speakers featured in this book are Craig Valentine, Darren LaCroix, Lisa  Panello and Jock Elliot.

If you are really serious about public speaking you can visit any or many of the five dozen Public Speaking blogs listed as resources.

I enjoyed reading this book and I’m happy to recommend it to novice and experienced public speakers.


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