Steve Jobs Introduces Macintosh in 1984

Enjoy this video from Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh in 1984.

He demonstrates powerful presentation techniques that still apply to business presentations. I suggest that you watch this video, and then read the review below. Then watch the video again to notice the techniques.

Steve Jobs uses clear language. (I've underlined key words.)

“You’ve seen pictures…now I’d like to show you Macintosh in person.”

That phrase does two things: it builds anticipation and personifies Macintosh.

 Then Steve Jobs points out that everything on the big screen will be produced “by what’s in that bag.”

“That bag” emphasizes the compactness and portability of the MAC. It’s also a memorable phrase.

Then he’s silent while he calmly opens the bag and removes the MAC and places it on the table. He remains silent while pulling a diskette from his pocket with a bit of flourish. Then he inserts the diskette into the computer and allows the MAC to take the show.

During this time, Steve Jobs remains silent. That’s a powerful technique that presenters need to master. When you want people to pay attention to your props or slides allow them the curtesy of being quiet.

Steve Jobs delivers this as a team presentation. He introduces the other presenter then stays out of the way while the MAC presents. Then the MAC hands the presentation back to Steve Jobs.

The MAC demonstrates its strengths with music, fonts, (even script), graphics and voice. The MAC even displays a sense of humor.

Notice the stage presence of Steve Jobs as he gladly accepts the applause of the audience after the MAC introduces him with the phrase “a man who’s been like a father to me”.

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