Bill Clinton a Powerful Speaker

Former president Bill Clinton is still a powerful speaker. Why? Notice the passion and intensity evident in this photo. Long after his term as president Clinton still captivates his audience.

Bill Clinton projects both a down-home charm and intoxicating sense of power when he speaks.

Clinton has a speaking style that eclipses all presidents from the past few decades.

Clinton versus George W Bush - no contest. And Bush senior is not even in the ball park.

Peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter had the down-home appeal but not presidential presence. Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator because he was folksy and he could deliver a line on que. A result of his acting days. Even when he was shot, Reagan had the stage presence to say, "I forgot to duck."

Then we go back to JFK for a great orator. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

Bill Clinton has them all beat. We might not experience a bettter presidential public speaker for a long time if ever.

Look at the passion in this photo. It is a classic Churchillian pose with one hand on the lectern and the other raised to incite his audience to action.

Who cares what he was saying - it is the passion that persuades.

No wonder that Bill Clinton still commands more than two hundred thousand dollars for a speech and no wonder that folks still line up to see and hear him speak.

The above photo was shot by Brent Perniac when Bill Clinton spoke recently in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

George Torok
Speech Coach for Executives

Brent Perniac is a professional photographer of celebrities
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