Foul Language at the Learning Annex

Foul Language at the Learning Annex in Toronto

I attended the two-day program by the Learning Annex in Toronto. The keynote speakers included George Foreman, Tony Robbins and Donald Trump.

What surprised me? Foul Language and Profanity

Tony Robbins
When did “shit” become a main stage word? Tony Robbins said the word several times during his presentation. At the same time he danced around the word “penis” with the phrase “Mr Happy”.

I wonder why Tony Robbins used these words. They did not help his presentation in any way. As the hero of many profesional speakers why was Tony Robbins so unprofessional?

Donald Trump
Donald never mentioned the word “shit” nor anything about his “penis”.

He did say “frigging”. He said the word “fucking” once while recounting a conversation he had with a banker. And he mouthed the same word while expressing his opinion about President Bush.

In Donald Trump’s case his use of these far more vulgar words fit his message. I wasn’t offended. I expected to be offended by him.

George Foreman
Curious that the most street-tough-punk of the bunch did not use offensive language. Good on you George! Read more about George Foreman's presentation here.

George Torok
Speech Coach for Executives

PS: What other words should you avoid when speaking?

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