Public Speaking: People Say Disgusting Things

People say Disgusting Things
People say the most disgusting things. I’m not talking about rappers, shock jocks or foul mouthed comics. They intend to be offensive so it is no surprise that they offend.

I’m talking about business presenters who do not intend to offend but do. These include executives, managers and sales professionals. Not only do these well intentioned business people offend but they often sabotage their own presentation by the stupid things that they say.

Who are these business people? Managers, customer service reps, sales staff and even executives. These folks offend and self-sabotage in meetings, on the phone and in presentations.

What are these self-sabotaging words and phrases that kill deals, derail careers and ostracize the uniformed?

When used as either an answer to a question or as a precursor to your statement, you demean both the listener and the value of your message. It is a sarcastic word.

“Not, never, can’t, worst, won’t, pain”
Avoid or minimize negatives. The exception is if you fix pain and problems – then start with the positive words. E.g.” I help you relieve back pain.”

“I think” or “I guess”
Watch out when tagging these limp phrases to the end of your statement. It suggests lack of confidence and steals your credibility.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend”
The two negatives at the beginning of this sentence steal the power from the endorsement. Try, “I suggest”, “I strongly recommend” or “I recommend”

Through training hundreds of business professionals and coaching dozens of business executives on their presentation skills I have complied a list of 21 of these “disgusting words and phrases.” To discover the whole list click here.

George Torok
Speech Coach for Executives
Disgusting words and phrases