Communication Principles

Communication Principles

The secret to successful communication starts with the principles, the irrefutable truths. Learn these principles then you can begin to apply the techniques of effective communication.

To see the answers to the following questions try the interactive quiz here. Move your cursor over each question to see the answer on the quiz page.

What is communication?

How do you send messages?

How does what you write, say or do impact on others?

How do we make decisions?

How do we make the important decisions in our life – like career, spouse, home, investment, friends, vacation, car, etc... ?

What two emotional directions drive all of decisions?

What is the strongest emotional driver?

When what we see conflicts with what we hear, what do we believe?

How can you be a better communicator?

How can you be a superior communicator?

For the answers to these important questions about communication try the quiz.

George Torok

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