Presentations: Using Quotations

Tips on Using Quotations in Your Presentation

In your presentation a good quotation can crystallize an unclear message and help to anchor an important point. It can help to have one powerful quotation to to sprinkle a few throughout your presentation. But be careful - too many and the impact is lost and you might appear to be just a copier of thoughts - not an original thinker.

The choice of source that you quote is as important as the selection of the words. For example even if they said something well you would probably not quote Adoph Hitler, Idi Amin or even OJ Simpson. They will probably not help your message or credibility.

Here are four points to help you improve the delivery of the quotation.

1. Always state whom the quote is from.

2. Change your voice slightly when you deliver the quote - this gives the impression that these are not your words - but of the authority you are quoting.

3. Pause just before you begin the quote and just after. The pause acts like quotation marks.

4. Memorise a short quotation. But you can read a longer quote.

5. When quoting from a book - hold the book up to show where the quote comes from.

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