Presentation Style: Obama vs Hillary

Presentation Style: Obama vs Hillary

This is an instructive lesson in presentation skills.

Although it seemed that Hillary had the advantage coming into this fight – Obama seems to be leading recently.

From a presentation skills point of view Obama has all the advantages. He is male, taller and has a deeper voice.

All things being equal those factors tend to lend an advantage in public speaking. That is an observation of how we tend to feel about public speakers.

Obama is a master of prose, pacing and the pause. Three powerful presentation techniques

Hillary often seems to be in a panic. She does have the advantage of age. We tend to give more credibility to a person who apears older. However because this campaign is about change - the relative youth of Obama gives him the congruency point.

And the one time that Hillary showed some emotion by shedding a tear – it appeared to be so out of character that it drew more criticism than rapport.

In this horse race my money is on Obama – because he speaks like a leader. Hillary speaks like a sargent major.

George Torok
Executive Speech Coach
Presentation Skills Training

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