Power Presentation Tip 06: Focus on the 80%

Power Presentation Tip: 80 will get you 90

Imagine if you were successful 90% of the time. That would be amazing.

We humans have a natural urge to try to please everybody. That is the main reason we have trouble saying "no".

That urge to please everybody can sabotage your effectiveness as a presenter. When delivering a presentation you need to focus on the key decision makers.

With most audiences you will have a 10-10-80 split.

10% adore youThe first 10% of the people will adore you no matter what you do. You don't need to do anything spectacular to impress or convince these people. Recruit them as assistants. Feed off their support but don't overdose on the adulation.

10% dislike youThe second 10% are like poison ivy. Tangle with them and you lose everything. These people will dislike you no matter what you do or say. You can't reach them. Don't knock yourself out for them. It's best not even to directly engage them. Ignore their snarls and don't take it personally. Even Superman had enemies.

Your target is 80%The 80% remaining are the people who can be convinced. They are movable. So focus your presentation on them. Design and deliver your presentation for this 80%. Actively engage them. Notice their reactions. Adapt to their mindset.

When you move this group you will have achieved 90% acceptance. And 90% is an overwhelming success.

Focus on moving the 80% of your audience that can be moved. Don't waste your effort on the unmovable or the adoring fans.

George Torok

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