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Blogs About Presentations
A curious collection of WordPress blogs on the topic of Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills - telling people
This is the voice & presentation skills blog of Dr Simon Raybould, the Director of Curved Vision.
Curved Vision is a training and consultancy group, based in Newcastle, in the north of England, but working all over the UK. Essentially, by writing this, I’m hoping that it will become (not only interesting!) but also a useful resource for anyone wanting to develop their own abilities as a public speaker and presenter.

The Extreme Presentation Method
Dr. Andrew V. Abela designed the Extreme Presentation(tm) approach to meet the pressing need for presentation development where failure is not an option. He has been designing and delivering effective presentations to senior executives - and training and coaching others to do so - for over 20 years. He is currently a professor of marketing and market research at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Prior to this he worked as a brand manager with Procter & Gamble, as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, and he was the founding managing director of the Marketing Leadership Council, a best-practices research organization serving Chief Marketing Officers at hundreds of leading corporations worldwide.

Presentation Zen
This blog from Garr Reynolds seem to have a Zen-like feel to it. It is not easy to understand but we pretend that we do so we don't appear to be unsensitive. Topics covered include condom charts, sleep depravation, Benjamin Zander, George Carlin and an eclectic collection of quotations.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog
Patricia Fripp's Weblog Dedicated to Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, and Sales Presentations. Too bad that she stopped contributing to this blog over two years ago. I consider her to be a fabulous presenter and presentation coach. She has at least 100 good articles on her website on presentation skills.

Six Minutes
A mysterious title however Six Minutes is a public speaking and presentation skills blog. It includes tips, analysis, insights, and strategies which help you become a more effective speaker and a more effective communicator.


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