Power Presentations Tip 05: Be like a talk show host

Power Presentations Tip 05: Be like a talk show host

Are you ready for a simple and effective method to both write and deliver your presentation?

Interview yourself.

Pick your topic. Decide on your key message. Design the process through which you need to take your listeners. Then frame that thought process with advancing questions.

Advancing questions are opened-ended questions that allow you to answer with an explanation. The questions form a quick transition to your next point.

This is one of the simplest ways to prepare and deliver a presentation. It is also an effective method of delivery. Why? Because it forces you to think like your listener and design your presentation from that perspective. Secondly, the structure and delivery will feel more like a natural conversation than a lecture or sales pitch.

Your questions might look like the following:

Why is this important to you?

What is the current situation?

What are your options?

Why is this option your best choice?

How will this work for you?

What are the next steps?

That set of questions could be the outline for many of your presentations. The questions in the middle can vary. Depending on the complexity of your topic, there might be more "what" and "how" questions. However, the first question should almost always be "Why is this important to you?" and the last question should be "What are the next steps?"

Interview yourself to deliver more powerful presentations.

George Torok

Speech Coach for Executives

"As a Toastmaster (more than 10 years), your message rings true to me. It reminds me to keep my priorities straight. I can only agree with you. Some speakers make it about them, and consequently, the audience responds accordingly, or not. Keep those tips coming."
Claude Desroches
Berlin, Germany

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