Forbes: Must-Have Skills for IT Leaders

Must-Have Skills For IT Leaders
by Arun Manansingh

Over the decades, there have been numerous books and articles written about the characteristics and skills that leaders should have to be effective in the workplace. Executives know that these management skills are universal and can be applied to any industry, including information technology.

Whether your title is CIO, CTO, vice president or IT manager, there are fundamental skills that allow you to manage effectively. It is just a matter of taking these concepts that make sense to you and incorporating them into your own style of management. Here are seven tips that will help you become a more effective IT leader.

Learn to communicate effectively. This is a skill that is often given secondary importance in an IT leader's career. To be effective you need to be able to communicate your decisions, processes and goals upward (with management), downward (with your staff) and side-to-side (with your peers).

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Interesting to note that of the seven skills needed for IT leaders - the first one listed is Communication Skills. It's not suprising - yet why do so many intelligent people not invest enough in developing their communication skills.

Curiously, I'm meeting this week with a CIO who wants to fine tune his presentation skills. Clearly he gets it.

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