CAPS Convention 2009 Calgary

CAPS Convention 2009 in Calgary

If you are in the business of professional speaking then the event of the year is the annual convention of your national professional speakers' association.

As a Canadian speaker, I am an active member of the Canadian Assocation of Professional Speakers, (CAPS). I was there at the first CAPS convention in Toronto 14 years ago. I'm not sure of that date. Naturally I will attend the upcoming CAPS convention in Calgary this month.

Professional speakers include trainers, facilitators and keynote speakers. Many of our members also coach, consult and write. The common thread of CAPS is professional speaking. Many professional speakers are often referred to as motivational speakers. Although some speakers don't like that label the truth is that people need to feel motivated to listen, learn and act.

Attendance is open to non-members - but hurry it's this weekend in Calgary.

This is not the place to learn how to speak in public although presentation techniques are usually featured as one topic. The main reason to attend the CAPS convention is to learn more about improving your speaking business. You might be inspired by the keynote presentations, learn ideas from the workshops and especially pick up creative and effective ideas from the other speakers at this convention. As professional speakers we tend to share our best ideas openly.

Are you a professional speaker? Then in Canada this is the event for you.

See you at the CAPS convention.
See details about the CAPS convention here.

George Torok
Profesional Speaker
Canadian Business Speaker
Canadian Motivational Speaker
Past CAPS National Director

Executive Speech Coach, Business presentation tips from George Torok, the Speech Coach for Executives.


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