Power Presentations Tip 26: Schedule the Questions

Power Presentations Tip 26:

Schedule the Questions

Allow and encourage your audience to ask you questions.

They are more engaged and therefore will learn or buy more.
It will make your presentation feel more like a conversation.
They might have gaps in their understanding that prevent them from accepting your message.
It allows them to test and you to demonstrate your deeper understanding of the topic.

When should you accept questions?
There is no right time. You might take questions ad hoc throughout or only during scheduled question periods. You might have one or several question periods. It depends on the presentation topic, style and length. A long presentation should allow for several question periods. It also depends on the audience style, level of understanding and mindset.
The important thing is to tell the audience how and when you will take questions and then follow your stated rules.

You should never end on the question period. You should always end with your closing statement. You could take questions near the end of the presentation. Then you end the question period and close with your prepared close. That way you finish strong and as planned.
If you end on the question period you take the risk that the last question might be a negative or weak question. Have you ever seen a presenter end with questions and then shrug and say, "Well I guess that's all."Want a terrible way to end a presentation.

If you are using designated question periods then warn listeners that the question period is coming up. That way they can mentally prepare their questions and be ready.
Questions demonstrate interest and engagement. Be clear on how you will schedule questions.

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