Use the microphone when you present

Use the microphone:

  • If there are more than 40 people in the room.

  • If the speakers before you used the microphone.

  • If it is a large room.

  • If you are soft spoken.

  • If the room has bad acoustics.

  • If you have something important to say.

  • If you want to play with your vocal nuances.

If any of the above is true - Use the microphone.

Your audience will hear you better.

Forget the macho “I don’t need a microphone” stuff.

Use the microphone.
Your audience will hear you better.
It is easier on your throat.
You can make better use of your vocal range.

Use the microphone.
It is your friend.

Naturally you will need to practice with a microphone to use it right. It is a tool and all tools require knowledge, skills and practice for best results.

George Torok

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1 comment:

Chris Witt said...


I agree with (and appreciate reading) your rules for using a mic. I would add one: "If you are going to be speaking for a long time."

People who speak a lot can take a lot of stress off their vocal chords by using a microphone.