Quote Business Leaders

Instead of regurgitating boring clichés use quotes from other business leaders – especially the successful CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs.


It shows your listeners that you are more current and more relevant.

Stop using stupid and boring clichés when you present. Instead use quotes from current or recent business leaders. That shows more insight – and it is more interesting to listen to.

To help you, I will post some powerful quotes from proven business leaders on this blog.

When you use a quote from someone else be sure to name the source. Two reasons: Give credit to the originator. When you name the source you tap into their credibility.

You might have read the quotes in previous posts from Mary Kay Ash and Richard Branson. Over the next several weeks you will find quotes from other business leaders including: Jack Welch, Donald Trump, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Victor Kiam, Anita Roddick, Sam Walton, Peter Ueberroth, George Soros…

When I find more good ones I will post them for you as well.

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives

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