Exhibits International

Dear George,

As an international leading provider of exhibits for Tradeshows, Museums and Special Events, Exhibits International was recently short-listed for a major US museum project. A complex venture, securing this project was pivotal to the reputation, growth and future success of our company.

I wanted to make certain that through the next stage of the bidding process (in-person presentations), the EI management team could present and project their competencies to the best of their abilities.

Right or wrong, people form a perception about how competent you are by how you present yourself when you stand and speak. They also form perceptions about the company you represent based on your performance. A person who can stand in front of a group, with poise and confidence, can immediately create the perception of expertise and experience.

Your professional and personal approach was designed to impact our senior management team with an implementation method that proves its worth at every stage. You advised us to narrow down our topic, focus on a few key points and speak with confidence.

As you suggested I kept my presentation short, and narrowed it down to only 12 minutes, something I would never have done before working with you. My Production VP, Tom, conveyed both his technical expertise and personality in his brief section of the presentation, just as you coached him. I was impressed, and so was the committee.

In the end, the numbers speak. You demonstrated to us how to cut a 60-minute rambling presentation, into a 12-minute clear, concise and focused presentation that helped us secure a $10 million project. My team now has the knowledge, skill and attitude to present professionally.

George, “Thank You”. I appreciate your expertise, your professionalism and of course, your sense of humour which lead us through some grueling sessions.


Sam Kohn,
Exhibits International

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives

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