Speech Coach Interview

Speech Coach Interview

Enjoy this Interview with executive speech coach, George Torok, about delivering business presentations.

Q: Why should a business executive consider working with a coach?
Executive Speech Coach:
To use a golf analogy, because you can’t see your own backswing. Tiger Woods is very talented at the game of golf and he knows the only way that he can improve and stay sharp is by working with his coach. This principle applies to many skills sets and especially to presentation skills.

Q: Why should executives work with a speech coach?

Executive Speech Coach:
Because no one will tell the boss that he is a lousy presenter or even “needs improvement”.

Q: Why do so many poor executive presenters not get speech coaching?

Executive Speech Coach:Pride.

Q: What is the biggest mistake that most business presenters make when it comes to presentations?
Executive Speech Coach:
They treat presenting as a talent and not a skill. Skills are learned, practiced and continually improved. Talent is simply a spark for an interest. You can not ride talent to excellence.

Q: What one thing should most business presenters do differently to be more successful?

Executive Speech Coach:
Be clear on the purpose of your presentation. Design the presentation to achieve that purpose and trim out everything that does not contribute to the purpose.

Q: What is your advice to all business presenters to prepare for their business presentations?

Executive Speech Coach:State your purpose in one simple sentence. Summarize your presentation in one short sentence. Phrase both of those sentences so that both your kids and your grand parents could understand. If you can’t then, you don’t understand it yourself.

Q: What is the most important message that a presenter should convey?
Executive Speech Coach:
That he understands the audience.

Q: Why do so many business presentations use PowerPoint?

Executive Speech Coach:That’s a good question that more business presenters need to ask themselves. Imagine delivering a presentation without PowerPoint.

Q: What’s your closing advice for business presenters?

Executive Speech Coach:
Focus on your purpose. Talk with people – not at them. Say less.

George Torok

Executive Speech Coach

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