George W Bush

George W Bush is a funny speaker

W is an effective public speaker. There are two reasons. His speech writers write good speeches. They are simple. They use simple words that people understand and they use short sentences. That's the secret to great speech writing. The second part to success is delivery. George W Bush delivers the speeches magnificently. His greatest presentation strength is his pacing. And that pacing is demonstrated very well in this video of George W Bush delivering a funny presentation that approaches the success of a stand up comic.

Humor is dependant on pacing. Notice how well George W uses his pacing to make people laugh. I think this is the best of George W.

What was the purpose of this presentation? To show the media that George W is human. He delivers 5 minutes of funny followed by 2 minutes of warmth.

Well done. Perhaps the media audience went away thinking - nice guy.

I suggest that you watch this video a few times. It is a good presentation.

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