Power Presentations Tip 07: Be present

Power Presentations Tips 07: Be present when you present

That might sound funny to you. However, you might have noticed that some speakers don't appear to be with you when they are speaking to you. Perhaps they appear fidgety as if they prefer to be elsewhere. Perhaps they read their presentation or recite the words in a mechanized fashion. Perhaps they never look at you.

How can you avoid those mistakes?

What can you do to really be there?

Greet and talk to some of the audience members before the formal program starts. This helps to build rapport and create some friendly faces for you.

Pause for five seconds before you begin speaking to look at the audience and acknowledge their presence with a nod and a warm smile.

Look directly at individuals in your audience while speaking.

Mention something positive about the group, event or venue.

Do not read your presentation. Talk from keyword notes.

Know your message well enough so you don't need to memorize it.

Listen to your own words while you speak. Don't speak like a robot.

Listen to and observe your audience. Adapt your delivery just as you would during a friendly conversation.

When a distraction in the room occurs - acknowledge it and move on.

Be present. Be in the moment and you will appear more powerful and more engaging.

George Torok
Presentation Coach
Presentation Skills Training

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