Practical tips to help you deliver more effective presentations with less stress

Power Presentations Tips Vol 1 - on Kindle

Business presentations that inform, inspire and persuade

Power Presentation Tips offer you practical insights to be a more effective presenter so you can prepare and deliver successful business presentations in less time and with less stress.

Public speaking is not a natural born talent. It is a skill that can be learned and improved.

Power Presentation Tips offer you the bests ideas from George Torok, The Speech Coach for Executives. He helps business leaders deliver million dollar presentations.George Torok has coached hundreds of business leaders and trained thousands of presenters to deliver more effective business presentations.

He has delivered over 1,000 professional presentations across North America in conference centers, board rooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms and once on a moving train. Don’t worry, he didn’t fall off.

In the Power Presentation Tips you get the best principles, techniques and insights to use in your business presentations.Successful presentations are not the result of luck. They happen because of the superior knowledge, techniques and skills of the presenter.

Here is what you will find inside this 16-page booklet availble on Kindle.

Table of Contents
These are the first 12 in the series of Power Presentations Tips by George Torok. These tips are published almost every second week. To receive these tips directly by email visit

Power Presentations Tip: 01 It's not about you
How to make your presentation more successful by making it about your audience

Power Presentations Tip: 02 Begin with the end in mind
How to use Stephen Covey’s first principle to start your presentation on the better road to success

Power Presentations Tip: 03 Google-ize Your Presentation
Use these three tips from Google to create a better presentation

Power Presentations Tip: 04 - Zip it, Zip it Good
When and how to use the magic of the pause to your advantage

Power Presentations Tip: 05 - Be like a talk show host
Use this simple and powerful technique to design and deliver your presentation

Power Presentations Tip: 06 - Focus on the 80%
Why you should ignore 20% of your audience and how to indentify them

Power Presentations Tip: 07: Be present when you present
How to be present when you present

Power Presentations Tip: 08: No Jokes - no kidding
Why you should not start with a joke and what to do instead

Power Presentations Tip: 09: Why do you say that?
The most important question that you need to ask yourself more often

Power Presentations Tip: 10: Emphasize key points
How to emphasize your key points

Power Presentations Tip: 11: Take your gold medal stance
A simple body language technique to look like a winner

Power Presentations Tip: 12: No - it's not okay
Verbal ticks can annoy your audience. Be aware of these and avoid themEnjoy

Power Presentations Tips
George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives

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