Geoff Ramm Presenting With PowerPoint

I watched my good friend from the UK, Geoff Ramm present at a few conferences. We were fellow speakers on this speaking tour. Geoff is a marketing expert and specializes in Observational Marketing. That means he looks around and reports what he sees – especially what seems to be working.

In his presentations Geoff made the best use of PowerPoint that I’ve seen. Too many speakers use PowerPoint as a crutch or shield. You know those speakers who simply repeat the words on the slide or constantly check the slides so they are reminded of what to say next.

Geoff Ramm worked with his slides as if they were a tag team. One didn’t steal from the other. They handed off to each other. Geoff would set up the next slide before it appeared so the audience anticipated it and knew what to look for.

When the slide had delivered its message, the attention moved naturally back to Geoff. Like an accomplished comedy duo they worked seamlessly together.

The slides were real visuals – photographs. Not paragraphs or bullet lists. The only slides that had words on them were for his transitions. So the audience always knew what was coming next.

Nicely done Geoff Ramm and company.

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