Warning: Trailer Trash Words and Phrases that Destroy Your Credibility

The words that you use tell your audience who you are, where you are from and what is your level of education. Based on those blatant messages, your audience decides on what label to slap on your face.
If your audience perceives that you are “beneath” them in education they tend to be less willing to see you as an expert.

There is nothing wrong with coming from the other side of the tracks. Oprah has pointed out often where she came from. But she also made it clear that she didn’t stay there. She improved her language skills…..

Watch out for these words and phrases that might slap you with inferior labels.

You Guys

This is pure trailer trash talk. The correct term is “you”. The word “you” is both singular and plural. We learned that in high school. The phrase “you guys” is just a touch above the gang phrase “youse guys”

This word is dismissive. It suggests that you are dismissing what the other person just said or that you wasted their time with your previous message. Avoid it.

The word is “In – ter – net”. Three syllables with a clear T in the middle. It’s not “Inner-net”.

The individual who claimed to be an expert on creative thinking kept pronouncing this word as “crate”. Just plain trash talk.

Freak You Out

The individual from the previous example also used this term. The only place that I’ve heard this term is on the TV show “Trailer Park Boys”. I’ve looked at that show a few times and I don’t want to advertise that fact. Neither should you.

If you speak or present to senior executives, they will likely be “language educated”. That means that they will listen to your words and judge you and your value on the words that you use. Their ears will be tuned to key words and phrases that enable them to quickly label you and your value.

The wrong words can turn your listeners into objectors immediately. If you want to connect with these high value decision makers then learn to speak their language.

George Torok

Executive Speech Coach

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