Superior Presentations 63: Why Tell Stories?

Superior Presentations 63: Why Tell Stories?

Have you noticed that the best presenters tell stories?

You can improve the power of your presentations by including more stories.

Three reasons to tell more stories when you present.

It's Easier for You
Notice how easy it is for you to tell a story when chatting with a friend. You didn't need to memorize it and you didn't need notes - because you lived it. It's a simple matter of replaying the memory recording within your brain.

Your natural passion will often be revealed when relating a personal story. It's easier to describe your own accomplishments by expressing them within a story. It won't feel like you are bragging.

If you feel nervous about public speaking include more stories in your presentation to feel more confident.

It's Easier for Your Audience
Most of us would rather hear more stories. Just ask kids what they want to hear - a story or a lecture? The entertainment industry is so prosperous because people love stories. Even the news is delivered in story format. The easiest and most powerful way to engage your audience is with stories because that engages their imagination.

Use stories to teach; it helps clarify the lesson and makes it easier to remember.

If you use stories to sell or persuade it won't feel offensive to your listeners. Listeners who bought your product, or were convinced by your message, are likely to repeat your stories to others.

Listeners perceive stories as entertaining and non-threatening.

It's Your Personal Brand
Your personal brand is based on the stories that people tell about you. They might repeat the stories that you told. They might also tell stories about the things that you did.

If you want to build and reinforce your personal brand tell colorful stories and do things that people can talk about.

You know that your message was effective when you hear people re-telling your stories.

George Torok

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