Cliché hell

Cliche hell

Please stop using clichés. It is like vomit - Regurgitated bile. Hell is a place where everyone speaks in clichés. Most of us are already suffering from listening to clichés. Some of us are guilty of spreading them.

It reeks of unoriginality. It is not clever. It is lazy.

Every time you parrot something that we heard before – you diminish yourself. And we tend to stop listening when we already heard it before.

The exception to this is the use of distinctive quotations – which I will discuss in another post. For example, Shakespeare never goes out of style.

So, which clichés push my barf nerve?

Pushing the envelope

Thinking outside the box

Raise the bar

Win – win

There is no ‘I’ in team

Go over his head

Bend over backwards

Just business – nothing personal


Nose to the grindstone

The full nine yards

Thirty thousand foot level

Working my fingers to the bone

Another day, another dollar

Put your money where your mouth is


Clichés are boring, unimaginative and destructive.

If that is the way you want to be remembered – use clichés. You will be quickly forgotten.

If you want to be different – be different. And you will be remembered.

In another post I will talk about how to twist clichés to make you more interesting, effective and memorable.

George Torok

The Speech Coach for Executives

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Anonymous said...

Here is hopefully another one for your barf list

Think outside of the box....I could choke everytime someone says that to me!