Do Not Think on your Feet

Thinking on your feet bad idea
Don't Think on Feet - Your Feet don't think well.
Stop trying to think on your feet

It is too dangerous. When you try to wing it you leave too much to chance. You might be sharp today. Or, you might be ill or even in a foul mood.

Stop thinking on your feet. It will get you into trouble soon.

Instead, be prepared. The only thing you should do on your feet is consider options.

Analyze your presentation, the strengths, the weak points, and your audience. Consider the possible questions, objections and interruptions. Then prepare and rehearse your response to all of them.

Why should you do that much work? Because the pros do it. Plan strategies and tactics to deal with the possible challenges.

But – don’t think on your feet. That is pure suicide.

George Torok
Speech Coach for Executives

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