Presentation Question Two

When you deliver a presentation - in fact every time you speak there is one question that pops up often in the mind of your listener. If this question is unanswered you might lose them. If you don’t answer this question your listener might ignore the rest of your presentation.

Too many presenters fail to answer this question. They fail and they wonder why.

Maybe you have good information to present. Maybe it is true and important. But if your listener doesn’t get it – your presentation failed.

This question is especially important when you are presenting information. Because of information overload we are trained to ignore information. It is a survival technique; helps keep us closer to sanity. (When it comes to sanity – close is good enough)

So what is this question?

“So what?”

You say, “The competition launched a new product.”

Your listeners think, “So What?”

You need to tell them why that is important and what that means to them. You need to convey relevance to the information.

Here are two phrases that you might use:

“What that means to you…..”
“The reason I tell you that…..”

Before your next presentation think about the “So what?” and answer that question every time you present information. Give relevance.

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives
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