How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?

Have you heard that dumb question from your parents when you were a child? Have you inflicted it upon your child as a parent?

I'm guilty of using it and naturally I learned it as a child.

You know the scenario. Something has not gone according to the plans of the parent. Therefore the parent pulls out this useless "authority hammer" from their "parenting toolkit". It's a no win question. Neither the parent nor the child has the answer and the conversation ends badly.

It's a dumb question. There is no right answer. There might be lots of smart ass answers. But there is no answer that will advance this conversation to a positive conclusion.

Did your teachers ever tell you that there are no dumb questions?

Ha! They lied. There are many dumb questions and questions that might sound smart but are dumb because of bad timing.

As a business presenter there are times that you might ask questions of your audience. When you do it well, questioning is a powerful way to connect with your audience. When done poorly, it can be insulting, embarassing and disastrous.

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