How to Present to City Council: Steve Jobs Video

When you need to speak to city council watch this video first. This is Steve Jobs speaking to Cupertino City Council about Apple's plans for a new office building.

Steve Jobs had many things in his favor going into this presentation in 2011 - and he still prepared and did the right things to ensure his success. I have presented to city council and watched many others do the same. Most of those presenters could learn much from this video.

He was personal and transparent. He started with a personal story about his admiration for HP and the founders of that company. He expressed his excitment about getting a job with HP. Jobs made a joke about his own the 50s.

He proceeded to sell the dream - 12,000 people in one building - and then he explained the significance of that.

He addressed issues that were important to city council and talked in their language.

Landscaping would change from 20% to 80% because we would use underground parking.

The number of trees on the property would increase from 3,700 to 6,000 - including some apricot orchards.

Jobs talked about bus service, tax base and jobs - all key words to city councilers.

When asked a silly question - he replied with "I'm a simpleton, I think that the city should do those things". He humbled himself and did not attack the questioner - which many presenters under fire do.

He emphasised that this would be the best business building in the world and experts would visit our city to study it.

When asked a question about air quality, he personalized it by stating, "Both of my parents died of lung cancer so I'm a little sensitive to that issue."

Notice that the city councilers did not attack him on any of the critical issues because he built his case so well.

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