Speak More Slowly - important lesson from Stroke Victim

When Words Failed Him  is an inspiring story about Harvey Strosberg, a trial lawyer who suffered a massive stroke that robbed him of speech.

He learned to speak again and more importantly returned to his career as a court room lawyer.

A lesson that he points out is that he found he was more persuasive when he spoke slower. He suggests that most lawyers need to speak more slowly to win their arguments in the court room.

It's curious that after years of a successful law career he was still able to learn how to present more effectively. We should never stop learning. Too many presenters forget or ignore the fundamentals of presenting. In this case, because he had to learn how to speak again from scratch he was more willing to learn how to do it better.

The lesson for business presenters - don't wait for a stroke to force you to learn the fundamentals. Start speaking slower today.

Read the full story When Words Failed Him at the Globe and Mail.

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