How an Assistant Can Help Your Presentation

Working with a Presentation Assistant

Presentation Assistant
An assistant can help your presentation in several ways.

Your assistant might:

  • Ask planted questions
  • Start the applause
  • Adjust the room temperature
  • Tell the group in the next room to quiet down
  • Distribute printed materials
  • Seat late arrivals
  • Handle interruptions
  • Open and close doors
  • Adjust lighting
  • Move chairs
  • Hold up props
  • Arrange for more coffee
  • Help set up and fix the equipment
  • Signal you regarding timing
  • Collect business cards

Depending on the nature of the task you might bring your own assistant or recruit a volunteer just before the presentation. In either case give them clear instructions. Provide the instructions in writing to be sure. You might even plan some simple hand signals to make communication smoother and seamless.

PS: Alfred is Batman's assistant.

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