What the &*+#@*

Is it okay to use or imply curse words when you present?

The person asking this question, suggested using slides with these words:


His purpose was to generate a laugh.

My answer to this question is “no, it’s not okay”.

The cost of the laugh is too high. For the sake of a possible few-second laugh you risk:

  • Offending at least one or more of your audience
  • Being permanently labelled as insensitive and obscene by your audience
  • Alienating some of your former listeners
  • Losing the respect of key decision makers
  • Losing the sale
  • Missing out on future opportunities
  • Tarnishing your expertise
  • Being remembered for the wrong things
  • Attracting people who think and speak in those terms
  • Being quoted for the wrong reasons

Just imagine that the media stepped into the room to witness your offensive message then left. What would they remember and report?

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