Watch the Body Language of Magician Marco Tempest

Perhaps magicians understand and illustrate body language best of all stage performers. When you want to improve the way you look during your presentation, you might be wise to observe a master magician perform. Why? Because they depend heavily on the messages that their body movements convey to support the perceptions of the audience.

Watch and enjoy this TED talk by illusionist, Marco Tempest as he talks about Augmented Reality. Notice how every body movement seems to enhance his performance and strengthen the effect. That's what your body language should do during your presentation. Instead many business presenters ignore the impact of their body language which often distracts or annoys their audience.

To get the full impact of Marco Tempest's body language watch at least part of this presentation with the sound off.

The second thing you will notice is the powerful use of visuals.

PS: As a presentation coach, the one thing that Marco Tempest might change in this presentation is to include a stronger closer line - instead of simply "Thank You".

He missed the opportunity to reinforce his message in his close.

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Tom said...

Definitely very enjoyable presentation! I see what you mean about how he could have closed on a stronger note.

George Torok said...

Thanks Tom.