Wanted: Person with Poor Communication & Presentation Skills

Poor Communication Skills job ad. George Torok
Ha, Ha, Just Kidding!
Have you seen a job ad asking for poor or mediocre communication skills?

Probably not. Think about that. What does that suggest to you?

You've probably seen many job ads asking for good, advanced or superior communication skills.

Let's be clear. Skills of any type are developed. Skills are not natural. Interest might be natural. But skills needs to be developed through learning, practise and coaching.

If you want to be a better presenter you must develop your presentation skills. What have you done about that lately?

There are three necessary steps to developing any skill set:

  • Learn the principles
  • Practice the techniques
  • Get expert guidance

The next time an interviewer asks you about your presentation skills, what will you say to demonstrate how you have addressed those three phases of skill development?

Communication and presentation skills are skills. You need to develop skills. You can't blindly claim ownership.

PS: By following this blog you will learn about the principles and tips that lead to effective techniques. You will still need to practice and get expert feedback from a coach, instructor or mentor.

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