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Top 10 Commencement Speeches for Tech Lovers

By Kathleen Baker

Listening to or reading transcripts of old commencement speeches is a great way to feel inspired to take chances, start a new career, or find out what truly drives you. These 10 commencement speeches, given by leaders in Internet and computer science technology, engineering, entrepreneurship and beyond, are terrific for technology lovers who need a little extra insight into how scientists and techies can change the world.

Steve Jobs at Stanford, 2005:
Computer science geeks and Apple lovers who worship Steve Jobs will relish in this moving, inspirational speech from Steve Jobs, who never graduated from college. He talks about quitting, being adopted, and finding your purpose in life.

Bill Gates at Harvard, 2007:
Bill Gates is one of the ultimate techie heroes, and he returns to Harvard in 2007 to deliver the commencement address and receive his own degree. Gates prods graduates to consider how they can do the greatest good to help communities around the world, pulling from his own philanthropic efforts to relieve sick children from poverty-stricken nations.

Omid Kordestani at San Jose State University, 2007:
At the time of this speech, Omid Kordestani was still the Senior Vice President for Worldwide Sales and Field Operations for Google. The handsome Iran-born MBA’s cheerful delivery meshes well with his own background story, which details the events that brought him to the United States.

Larry Page at University of Michigan, 2009:
Google co-founder Larry Page speaks to the University of Michigan class of 2009 about his own family’s legacy at the school. Through his story, Page also comments on the notion of the American dream, family values and creating your own path.

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