Comments & Questions from Audio Class: Confidence

How to Radiate More Confidence than you feel when speaking - feedback

If you listened to the live broadcast or the recording, this is the place to add your comments, suggestions and questions about this program and topic.

What ideas were helpful to you? How helpful did you find this program? How has this program made a difference for you?

What topics do you suggest for future audio classess or email tips.

Thank you for your feedback

George Torok
The Speech Coach for Executives
Author of Power Presentation Tips

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George Torok said...

Thanks to everyone on the live call.

This is the place to add your comments about the audio class. What was the best idea that you got?

Who will you use the ideas to radiate more confidence?

And add your questions here.


Anonymous said...

I am an intravert like you. I found your ideas and encouragement helpful.

Anonymous said...

Public speaking scares me. Thanks for the tips. Someone told me to pretend the auidence is in their underwear. What do you suggest?