Impressive PowerPoint Presentation for a change

Enjoy this PowerPoint presentation with lots of powerful visuals - along with tips of how to do it yourself. As you view this, remember that PowerPoint is best when used as a visual medium. Text is not a visual even when displayed on a screen. Text is simply text and that does not reach the visual learners.

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Tom said...

Hi George,

You've been teaching how to give effective presentations for a while, when would say it's best not to use a powerpoint at all? I don't think I've ever seen an inspirational powerpoint presentation. Every single one has bored me. The only speeches I enjoy are by those speaking by themselves, with no notes. Communication is the key to that. What do you think?


George Torok said...

Ha Tom. You got it.

I prefer to speak without PowerPoint. Why? Because I use stories and my body language to create visuals. Imagine Robin Williams using PowerPoint! He doesn't need to because he is a visual.

Most speakers use PowerPoint as their teleprompter.