Where to look when speaking to an audience?

Eye contact with your audience

Where should I look when I am delivering a speech?

You should look at the people to whom you are speaking.

If you are speaking to an audience of one, that’s easy. If your audience is more than one person then you will need to move your eyes from one person to another while speaking.

Don’t move your eyes too quickly or linger too long on one person.

Deliver a phrase while looking at one person then move your gaze to another for the next phrase or sentence. Look people directly in the eye.

That eye contact makes you appear more confident and truthful.

Do Not

Stare at a point on the back wall
Stare at the ceiling
Stare at the floor
Watch your slides
Constantly look at your notes

Rule of Thumb

Occasionally you might need to check your notes but maintain eye contact with your audience at least 80% of the time.

Be sure to make eye contact with every person in your audience during your presentation. Don’t make the mistake of looking only at the friendly people.

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