Superior Presentations 70: The top three reasons are...

Build your presentation on three

How can you simplify the structure of your message and make it more powerful?

Build your presentation on a foundation of three.

Here are three ways to do that in your presentation:

3 Options

This is an effective way to offer a set of options to your audience. In a sales presentation you might offer the client a choice of Standard, Enhanced and Comprehensive. Some stores offer products that vary in quality - Good, Better and Best.

Three options are enough to allow your listeners to feel in control while not overwhelming them with too many choices. Just imagine how difficult it is to decide when you face a menu of 37 flavors of ice cream.

Give clients three options and they aren't trapped within a yes or no decision. They get to choose a matter of degrees.

3 Steps

When explaining a process or project diagram it into three stages or phases. Each might have several activities within them. By explaining the process in three steps you make it easier for your listeners to grasp the big picture and visualize the direction. Often, they don't need to understand all the details.

Three steps won't feel intimidating to your listener. Describing your plan in three steps will force you to gain a clearer perspective on things.

Top 3 Reasons

This is an effective way to respond to a question. Imagine that you are asked, "Why should I hire you?" "What makes your product so expensive?" "How is your company different from the rest?"

To any of those questions you can respond with, "The top three reasons are..."

Naturally, you respond with your strongest points. That should make a compelling case for you. Three strong points beat five or more mediocre points. This approach demonstrates that you respect your listener's time and that you can prioritize. It also allows you to add more information if needed.

To have more success with your presentation build it on sets of three.

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