Bill Gates - still not a confident public speaker

Just because you are rich doesn't make you a good public speaker.

Bill Gates is one of the richest guys in the world. He is successful. He is a brilliant thinker. Yet he isn't a good public speaker. 

The reason I tell you that is because none of those things gurantee public speaking brilliance. That means that the lack of financial success need not limit your public speaking success.

I watched Bill Gates speak at an event in Toronto about ten years ago. He was cleary uncomfortable about being on stage. He was accompanied by two others on stage while he talked. They all sat on stools. Bill didn't allow any humor about himselt - only about the competion and Windows.

In this video, as Bill Gates speaks to Harvard graduates, he pokes fun at himself. But he reads his speech, which is suprising, because he's telling his personal story. He doesn't need to read it because he lived it. He does demonstrate good pacing and pausing to allow for the laughter.

Bill Gates still isn't comfortable speaking in public but he's getting better.

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