I Have a Dream - 50 years ago

Martin Luther King delivered his memorable "I have a dream" speech 50 years ago in Washington, DC.

It was a well written speach - and what most people don't know is he went off scirpt part way through. In particular - he ad libbed with the "I have a dream" bit.

Watch this video as he reads his speech for about the first 12 minutes - then when he starts talking about his dream - he's not reading anynore. He's improvising.

"I have a dream" is memorable because it's a powerful line and he repeated it several times. But it's not the only line he repeated in this speech. Repetition is a good technique if you want people to remember your message. Don't be shy - repeat the key message.

In this speech Martin also repeated,

  • Now is the time...
  • We cannot be satistisfied...
  • Go back to...
  • Let freedom reign...

Read the Carmine Gallo comments in Forbes.

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Janet said...

Great points and you got it right, he was improvising the most powerful part of his speech. When the audience responded, he kept going.

Did you know what the real name of his speech was? It wasn't "I Have a Dream".

Check out this graphic that has more details about what made the speech great:

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