How to present to teenagers

How to present to teenagers

I received this question recently, "How should I present to 15-year old girls so they won't get bored and would concentrate for the maximum time possible?"

I speak to a few groups of teenagers each year. I do it for two reasons:
1. Some of them appreciate my message.
2. It is tough speaking to teenagers so the experience keeps me humble.

Speaking to teenagers seems to be the toughest audience - even tougher than engineers.

Your results on speaking to them depends on why they are there - because they want to be or because they have to be.

Guess which group is more productive?

The main thing that I do differently when speaking to teens is to give them less information and engage them with discussion and Q&A much more. They keep interrupting if I try to speak all the time.

Encourage interaction and opinion. Don't punish wrong answers - look for other answers closer to what you are looking for.

Review the concepts that were explained. Ask them to summarize parts of your message.

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Rhett Laubach said...

George, thanks for the tips. I actually present to teenage groups about 125 times per year and have for 15 years. My presentation skills blog,, has a number of posts about how to engage and maintain the attention of audience members, including the Millennials...

Rhett Laubach
Professional Speaker, Presentations Coach, Leadership Expert and Blogger