Effective Executive Speaking

Effective Executive Speaking

Effective Executive Speaking is the flagship program for the Canadian Management Centre (CMC) based in Toronto, Canada. CMC is an a affliate of the American Management Association, (AMA).

The two primary instructors for this program in Toronto for the past decade have been John Robert Colombo and George Torok. Both were mentored by Canada's presentation guru - Peter Urs Bender.

At one time Peter Urs Bender was the lead instructor in this program. He would start the day off by whipping the particpants into a frency. He would point out his personal challenges of being foreign born, from a family of accountants and blessed with dyslexia.

Despite these challenges, Peter became known as Canada's presentation guru and and a best selling author.

Effective Executive Speaking is a three day intensive program for senior executives who want to transform their presentation skills.

In the past this program has run as often as six times a year. In 2009 this program will only run two times. Register now.

George Torok

John Robert Colombo

Executive Speech Coach, Business presentation tips from George Torok, the Speech Coach for Executives.


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