Online oppportunity for offline marketers

Communicating beats techonology everytime

There is a tremendous opportunity for business to market using webinars and teleseminars. In these uncertain times people crave insights, tips and perspective. Many buisness owners are already used to presenting themselves at networking meetings. So they might have developed their 30 second and 3 minute introductions. Offline marketers learn how to talk to people in person while many online experts hate talking to people.

Here is the advantage for offline marketers for using online marketing.

Many of the online marketing experts are terrible public speakers. For example, I just attemped to listen to a webinar that was peppered with "ums" "and ahs" and "you guys".

I couldn't stand it - so I stopped listening. It might have been the holy grail - but the experience was too painful.

The lesson in that is that even if you have the answers - your audience won't listen if you tick them off.

The second lesson is that, it is not about the technology. It is about using superior commuication skills.

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Executive Speech Coach
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Anonymous said...


I like participating in and conducting teleseminars. The problem is, because people can only hear you, not see you, your vocal habits and tics -- like the ums, ahs, and you guys of the person who irked you -- get amplified.

People who know what they're talking about don't always know how to talk about it. At least not in a way that's clear, interesting, and helpful.