Shoot the messenger

Shoot the messenger
At one time they used to kill the messenger of bad news. Today, bad messengers kill their message.

The message might not be the problem. Sometimes it’s the messenger. Maybe more often than we care to admit. If you have a good message to deliver but it’s not getting across – then it’s time to examine the messenger.

If you have a good message then there’s little excuse for bad delivery. If you have a bad message then it’s even more important to focus on the messenger.

You have a choice. You could ignore the pain, shoot the messenger or improve the messenger.

You can only ignore the pain of bad message delivery for so long. Failed sales presentations and confused audiences will catch up with you and hurt worst than shooting the messenger.

Of course this option is meant to be metaphorical. Shooting the messenger might mean punishment, embarrassment or a demotion. It might even go as far as dismissal if the success of your job depends on your ability to deliver the company message.

The third option is to improve the messenger.

Now there’s a good idea. Improve the messenger by offering better presentation tools, knowledge and skill development. The message might change but once you improve the messenger you will always have a better messenger.

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