Power Presentations Tip 44: Your Body Leaks Messages

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

Body language is important to your presentation because your audience tends to put more belief in what they see versus what they hear - especially when there is a conflict between the two.

If you want your message to be believed then ensure that your body language is supporting your words.

The message of your body language is in the minds of your audience. It is based on their cultural norms and interpretations. That means that everybody might not see you the same way. You need to understand the cultural norms of your audience.

Body language is easier to notice when it's not working.

Imagine if you:

•Tell someone special that you love them with a scowl on your face.
•Tell an audience to vote for you while you are slouched over.
•Tell a client that they can trust you while you back away from them.

Notice the inconsistencies. Your audience will believe what they see and ignore the words.

The 3 main factors of body language


Your audience spends most of the time looking at your face. Why? Because that is the body part that is most interesting and conveys the most emotion. The two most important points of attention are your eyes and lips.

Your audience wants to see your face. Ensure that they can clearly see it. Stand in the light. Stand where your face can be seen. Don't let hair block your eyes.


Show your hands and we will trust you more. If you hide them we might question your intentions. Don't hide your hands behind your back or in your pockets. Our brain will wonder what you might be hiding from us.


How you move says a lot about your state of mind. If you are agitated or nervous you will move rapidly and erratically.

Move slowly and purposefully to convey more confidence.

Your body is always leaking messages. Are you clear on what it is saying? Are you in control?

George Torok
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